Version 1.07         02/22/20

‚ÄčThe biggest update is here!

- Leveling system added. All heroes gain level experiences and earn lucrative rewards for leveling.
- Special skills added. Special skills are powerful skills that you can select to support and customize your hero in battle.
- Social added. You can get together and chat with your friends. Add real-life friends to your friends list by generating the invitation code.
- Items added. Introduce small potion, potion of eagle eye, and scroll of companion. These are valuable resources for use in combat.

Desert Coliseum
- Enter the classic arena designed especially for the Deathmatch 13 game mode.
- Fight for the Iron Box to gain an advantage over the opposing team.
- Use sand dunes to hide and heal your hero during battle.

- Tyrant's Arena is available for download on Google Play in all countries in South America!

-The Portuguese language has been added.
-Improves the general user interface of the game to be more sensitive and resolve connection delay issues.