Coins, Diamonds & Resources

What are coins used for and how do I get them?

Coins are highly valuable resource in the game. Use them to unlock new heroes and new skins for your Heroes. 

Skins can also be purchased with Diamonds and are the best way to set your Heroes apart from the competition.

Diamonds are bought with real money from the Store or you can find them in as bonus giveaways in Chest.

What are amethysts?

Amethyst is another currency in the game. Use them to unlock new heroes and new skins for your Heroes. Amethyst can be transferred from heroes skin parts or bonus giveaways in Chest but can not be purchased with real money.

What are badges?


Badges are used in game to open Chest.

Every time a match is finished, badge rewards can be collected! The badges has a daily limit and you can’t buy badges directly from the Store as they are not purchasable. So just by constantly joining the epic battles, you'll collect badges to unlock more content and progress through the game!

I spent my Diamonds inadvertently, can I get them back?


By adding intuitive confirmation steps whenever you spend Diamonds, we’ve done everything  possible  to limit inadvertently purchases from the game. When making a purchase with Diamonds, you will always be notified with a pop up window and the opportunity to opt out if you change your mind.

Since Tyrant's Arena is completely an online multiplayer game, altering changes would have adverse effects on other players you’ve interacted with. As we can’t turn back anyone’s in-game progress, or remove features, providing you with this would put you in an advantaged position, which we see as unfair to other players who earned similar item(s) or upgrade through their own Diamonds or gameplay.

Can I buy Diamonds outside the game?

The answer is NO. The only way to purchase Diamonds is through the in-game Store (processed securely by iTunes or Google). 

If you purchased Diamonds from somewhere other than within the game, we cannot assist you any longer, as your account has already breached out Terms of Service.

We reserve the right to ban game accounts with Diamonds orders purchased outside the game.

Are there hacks to get free Diamonds and Heroes?

There are no “hacks” allowing players to use free Diamonds, Coins or Heroes. No cheat can unlock infinite Chest. No tools or apps will let players change the rules of Tyrant's Arena, as it is protected by our game servers.

We’re always working hard on blocking attempts to exploit the game thoroughly.