Battle Room is where all the heroes are gathered in Tyrant's Arena. It is the place for the heroes to prepare for battle.
The user interface in the room will guide the player to train a better hero step by step. Also Battle Room is the gateway to invite your friends to join, communicate and fight together.



Open the chest to get coins, skin pieces or diamonds. Each chest requires 30 medals to open and you can win medals by playing and winning the matches. There is a limit on how many medals can be earned per day.



Coins are a very valuable resource in the game. Use them to unlock new heroes and to improve the equipment. Coins can be earned by opening the chest.



Diamonds are one of the best ways to buy skins and will differentiate your heroes from the competition. Diamonds are obtained with real money from the store or you can find them as bonus draws in the chest.



Amethyst are other currency in the game that cannot be purchased with real money. Use them to unlock new skins and to improve the equipment. Amethyst can only be transferred from the skins parts of the heroes.

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With just one click on the Social button, the player can team up and chat with friends or strangers. Add real-life friends to your friends list by generating invitation code. Share tactics and strategy with team members. Social will greatly improve the player's progression in the game.