"Be Brave. Take Risks"

How it all got started? 

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"Secret ingredients " 

Kroy Games was founded on the philosophy to create fun games for everyone to enjoy with high quality in a small efficient team. In order to achieve this mission, we need to keep brewing our ideas in an efficient team where everyone is crazy about trying something new that can be a successful game.We get inspired from successful pc/console games but we must ensure that our ideas will be innovative and adaptable in mobile platform devices. Only in this way we are able to create some secret ingredient that will work perfectly for mobile games.

"Making games is like chemistry"

We used this sentence to describe what making games means to us, in

 Kroy Games, We think that game ideas are like ingredients where you mix it to get various outcomes. Some final outcomes are bizarre, while others totally remarkable but when you try enough brewing, that is when the magical powers occur.

We create fun games with fascinating stories for everyone to have endless fun.

Kroy Games mission is to innovate the classic game experience in mobile devices and create fun games with fascinating stories that will be loved, played by everyone and anywhere. 

Our Philosophy

Creating fun, and innovative games for everyone to enjoy in an efficient team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create games that people will remember and play for years.

Our Team

We are a small team of game developers, artists and game designers with the goal of working together from Hong Kong to Canada to create high quality mobile games that will bring endless fun.